Deze vrijdag 19 februari is het zover. Ik krijg heel veel de vraag hoe men een gelukkig nieuwjaar wenst in het Chinees. Via Chinese lijsten we hier de 10 meest gebruikte zinnen op. (Kantonees) San Ninh Faai Lok, iedereen!

kong hei faat choih

“bless happiness, and prosperity”


This is a greeting of prosperity reserved for Chinese New Years.
It is also the phrase required before gifts/lucky money is given by the host during New Years.

san nihn faai lohk

“Happy New Year”


This is a generic greeting used both during Western New Years and Chinese New Years.
It is appropriate as both a greeting and a parting phrase.

san nihn tjun bow

“New Year’s Progress”


This is a greeting wishing progress in the New Year.
It is appropriate to use for any person, older or younger and of any relationship.

hohk yip tjun bow

“Progress in Studies”


This is a greeting reserved for students, wishing them progress in their studies.
This is important for young students as well as more advanced students.

saang yi hing luhng

“Prosperous Business”


This is a greeting reserved for proprietors,  wishing them good business results.
It is normally said to those businesses with whom you have a personal relationship.

tjing ling woet phoet

“Aware and Active”


This greeting is reserved for children wishing them to be active and mentally astute.
This is not something you would say to older children, it is for those of the “Disney” age.

luhng mah tjing sahn

“Spirit of Dragon and Horse”


This is a greeting reserved for the elderly,
wishing them the energy and longevity of the horse and dragon.

maahn sih yu yi “10,000 Things According to Will”


This is a general greeting wishing that all things will go according to the wishes of the hearer.

sam seung sih sihng

“Accomplish That In Your Heart”


This is a general greeting wishing that the person will accomplish the thing they dearly want.